The Department of General Medicine at Kainos has Indoor, OPD and Intensive care facility available for both basic and highly advanced care for the need of all types of patients. The OPD facility is well equipped consulting rooms as well general OPD structure. The Indoor facility provides care right from VIP Suites, Deluxe rooms to general wards. The hospital has multiple intensive care units to cater to all the requirements of critically ill patients. We have treatment facility for full range of services including:

General Medicine Services

Treatment for Common Seasonal Diseases

Treatment for Complex and Common Infections

Treatment and Management of HIV

Treatment for Pneumonia and Other Pulmonary Diseases

Treatment for Autoimmune disorder

Treatment for Genetic Disorder

Treatment for Metabolic Syndromes

Treatment for rheumatological Diseases

Treatment for Haematological Problems

The Consultants in the department are highly qualified both in India as well as England with extensive experience. Many are well known as leading doctors in India. It is ensured that all ICU services are provided round the clock by doctors who are trained specially in intensive care.

The General Medicine department deals with patients with infections, undiagnosed rare infections as well as common infections such as tuberculosis and HIV. In the intensive care all types of infection related complications such as multi-organ failure are effectively dealt with. Patients with autoimmune disorder, genetic disorder, metabolic syndromes, rheumatological diseases and haematological problems are accurately diagnosed and managed in the department. Also, where multiple super-speciality problems exist in same patients the physicians have special role to play in adjusting medication and providing comprehensive care to the patients.

The department has facility for all diagnostic tests and advanced specialised procedures.

Internal Medicine is the speciality dealing with prevention, diagnosis & treatment of adult diseases. Department of Internal Medicine is geared to provide comprehensive preventive, diagnostic & curative medical services for all patients. The department effectively delivers most recent diagnostic & therapeutic advances rationally to a large number of patients daily.

Our doctors are especially skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multisystem disease processes. The Department of Internal Medicine is also an ideal starting point for patients requiring specialist care as we coordinate the therapeutic efforts of multiple departments to make the best decisions for the patients.

Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases (ID) is a subspeciality of General/Internal Medicine, which helps in the management of patients with complicated infections. Traditionally simple, short term infections are seen under General Medicine but the more complicated and confusing problems are referred to the subspeciality of ID. ID specialists are relatively few in India at this point. Unlike many other specialties training programs in India for this field are very few. Good and appropriate laboratory backup is crucial in this specialty.

At Kainos, ID specialists manages referred patients from other specialists in the hospital and helps out in the management of complicated infections. We also see referred patients in the OPD with complex conditions.