Cerebral stroke or 'Brain Attack' is the leading cause of disability and probably the third leading cause of death in India. At Kainos we use a new technique known as temporary endovascular bypass. There are interventional neurological procedures, which are used for treatment of acute stroke or epilepsy and are practiced abroad very routinely. We hope to increase awareness on stroke and its prevention so that the focus is on prevention rather than cure.

Kainos offers comprehensive packages for epileptic care services, cerebral stroke programmes including rehabilitation and evaluation of complex neuromuscular disorders for which a recommended course of treatment is followed.

Our teams are experienced in treating patients with disorders and diseases including:

Autism, learning disabilities

Epilepsy, dizziness and fainting

Chronic tension or stress related headache, migraine

Persistent back ache and spine problems

Short term memory loss and dementia

Parkinson's disease, cerebral stroke

Cancers and tumours

Meningitis or brain fever

Sleep apnoea, semisomnia,

insomnia (sleep disorders)

Nerve related issues (stress and nervous tensions) and trauma cases