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Anaesthesia & Pain Management

The Department of Anaesthesiology is a state of art department with all modern equipments , safety devices and committed team of anaesthesiologists. Along with the clinical anaesthesia services our department is engaged with anaesthesia research and education programmes for anaesthesia residents and paramedical staff. We have anaesthesia DNB teaching programme at our centre. The department provides perioperative anaesthesia care to patients , ranging from minor day care surgeries to major onco and neuro surgeries.

We have multi-parameter invasive and non invasive monitors and state of art anaesthesia workstations for safe administration of modern anaesthetics to all types of surgical patients. We are able to provide safe ventilatory support with high end ventilators having advanced ventilator modes that can cater for neonate to adult patients. Along with minimum monitoring anaesthesia standards of monitoring for all the patients, we provide advanced monitoring like invasive blood pressure, central venous pressure, MAC monitoring and Cardiac output monitoring. We have all the equipments for difficult intubation including flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope and videolaryngoscopes.

We have Level I infusor for safe, temperature regulated and rapid infusion of intravenous fluid and blood products in cases of massive haemorrhage and trauma. Omnibus giraffe incubators for neonates , help us in preventing hypothermia during neonatal surgical procedures and intrahospital transfer.

We routinely use TIVA pumps to deliver total intravenous anaesthesia. Regional anaesthesia and ultrasound guided nerve blocks are also delivered by our expert anaesthetists. For the health and safety of our theatre staff we have functional scavenging system in all operation theatres.
Our daily acute pain rounds ensure pain free experience for our post operative patients. We also use PCA/PCEA pumps for post operative pain management.

At Kainos, we provide a comprehensive range of clinical services, including perioperative anesthesia services, critical care medicine, and pain medicine. Our patients receive advanced medical care provided by highly trained and skilled clinicians. Our philosophy has always been to work with a multidisciplinary team approach.
We have a dedicated team of senior anesthetists who worked in some of the world’s best hospitals in England. The anesthetists are helped by the state of the art anesthetic equipment. Services provided also include preoperative checkups and post-operative pain management team and a critical care team.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a treatment that renders you unconscious during medical procedures, so you don't feel or remember anything during the procedures. General anesthesia is commonly produced by a combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses (anesthetics).

The "sleep" you experience under general anesthesia is different from regular sleep. The anesthetized brain doesn't respond to pain signals or surgical manipulations.

The practice of general anesthesia also includes controlling your breathing and monitoring your body's vital functions during your procedure. General anesthesia is administered by a specially trained physician, called an anesthesiologist.

The hospital has an organized acute pain relief service using :

  Electronic PCA (patient controlled analgesia)
  Continuous epidural analgesia for complex surgeries and for painless labour
  Regional Nerve blocks
  Oral, intramuscular and intravenous pain killers

Types of anesthesia provided depend on the patient’s medical status and type of procedure. The anesthesiologist will meet the patient prior to the surgery and discuss the medical history, lab results and anesthesia plan. In the O.T a member of the anesthesia care will be with the patient throughout the procedure. After the procedure patient will be moved to the recovery room and a nurse will monitor the patient and provide medication to minimize pain, nausea and vomiting as needed. Then the patient will be discharged from recovery room on advice by anesthetist when he is stable and comfortable.

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