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GI Surgery

Surgical Gastroenterology provides state of the art care for patients with gastrointestinal problems that need surgical approach. We provide advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques to patients with various gastrointestinal conditions including gastrointestinal cancers. Patients can get oncologically sound surgeries with minimal invasive technique, therefore ensuring a faster recovery and quick return to normal life. We provide a full range of services including:

Gastroenterology (Surgical) services
  Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgeries
  Minimally Invasive Surgery for Faster Recovery
  Abdominal Hernia Surgeries
  Gastric Bypass Surgery
  Gastric Banding
  Sleeve Gastrectomy
  Biliopancreative Diversion

It is one of the few departments that offer a multimodality approach to liver cancer. Complex liver surgeries have been conducted with intraoperative ultrasound guidance, thus making these procedures safer with better outcomes.

The Special clinics are
Liver Clinic: This clinic provides patients with chronic liver disease and liver cancers a one stop solution. These patients are worked up based on standard protocols to get the accurate diagnosis and management of their condition. They are also given long term care for chronic liver disease. We work up adult and paediatric patients for liver transplantation.

Obesity Clinic: In this modern era obesity has become a common problem. When medical management is not feasible based on the patient’s condition surgical management is suggested. Based on the health and body type patients are offered Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Biliopancreative diversion and their long term care is looked after. The clinic is supported by nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists and medical gastroneterologists.

Colorectal Clinic: Large number of patients suffer from various colorectal problems. Colorectal malignancy is rising in our population. Our clinic helps in screening high risk individuals. The early detection and management of these cancers by a dedicated team of surgeons, medical gastroenterologists, Medical oncologists and Stoma nurses makes sure these patients get the most advanced treatment. Most patients are offered Laparoscopic colorectal surgery which gives them complete oncological clearance with the ability to recover fast.

Hernia Clinic: Abdominal hernias are one of the most common conditions. Our team of surgeons offer advanced laparoscopic and open hernia repair surgeries to patients with this problem.

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