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Our Story

About Us

The word Kainos comes from ancient Greek, meaning "new" or "fresh" that does not exist before. It was 2012 when we saw that over the past decade healthcare in India has gone from mostly government to mostly private. During this transition big cities saw a massive rise in large corporate chain of hospitals opening open up hospitals and healthcare facilities but smaller cities were left to single doctor clinics providing primary or secondary care and citizens had to rush to large cities for anything more than some small surgeries & minor ailments. In addition, cost of the healthcare was on a steep rise, which was also a major factor in mushrooming of single speciality hospitals that were making exorbitant profits despite providing substandard care. People were dying and it was need of the hour that someone steps in to fill the gap of quality healthcare at affordable price. That is when NRI Family Member Mr. Parminder Dahiya and Dr. Arvind Dahiya Along with his wife Dr. Kirti Dahiya decided to do something in their home town Rohtak, Haryana.

Mr. Parmender was living in USA since 2003, working with Fortune 500 companies as a Management Consultant. They decided to quit their cushy lives and open a state of the art true super speciality hospital in Rohtak region to serve a population of almost 65 lakhs. Our motto was simple:

  • Quality care with International standards that are at par or better than any top hospital of India
  • Affordable pricie so that it is at least 40% cheaper than top hospitals of Delhi NCR
  • Honesty and transparency with a single minded focus on patient outcome

Dr. Arvind Dahiya returned to India in 2012 and with the help of a few friends and family raised funds and started the construction of hospital in June 2014 bringing latest protocols, technology and knowledge. Mr. Parmender returned to India in 2015 to oversee the construction of Hospital to ensure international standards while keeping the costs to a minimum. That is why our cost of construction is less than 50% as compared to Delhi NCR hospitals despite provided same facilities and technology.

Why Choose Us

At Kainos, we believe that health care is not about creating a big fancy building but about how the care is provided in that building. All services under one roof with a team of more than 40 doctors providing services in 30 different specialities.

We believe in quality and define quality by our survival rate. Our survival rates are among the top hospitals of India:

  • Our Trauma survival rate is 94%
  • Our Neuro Trauma survival rate is 92%
  • Our ICU survival rate is 89% against the national average of 57%
  • Our NICU survival rate is 95% against the national average of 65%

There are three ingredients to providing better healthcare:

  • Men/Women : Our doctors and healthcare providers are highly experienced from top hospitals and institutes of England, America, Netherlands and India.
  • Machine : We have one of the most advanced technology in India. There are many technologies that Kainos has brought in India for the first time.
  • Method : Our methods of treatment are as they are in the best hospitals of the world. We ensure 1:1 nursing ratio, 24x7 onsite critical care and trauma doctors in Emergency/ICU/NICU.

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