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Orthopedics & Orthopedics Surgery

Department of Orthopaedics at Kainos Hospital is one of the best in the region. The combined experience of the senior consultants in the department is unmatched in this part of the world. Our internationally renowned facility attracts patients from all parts of Haryana and Delhi for the cutting edge procedures that it offers.

This department offers wide range of services including :

  Musculoskeletal Radiologist / Pathologist / Infectious diseases consultants
  Advanced bracing & taping techniques
  Non-operative management
  Rheumatology service
  High performance primary joint replacement surgery
  Osteotomy (Realignment of bone)
  Arthroscopy (Key Hole Surgery)
  Complex revision joint replacement surgery

Computer Aided Hip & Knee Navigation Surgery :
Accuracy of component placement is the most important variable that influences the outcome of joint replacement surgery especially the function and the longevity of prosthesis. Orthopaedic Surgeons has been the key designer for computer navigation systems to fine tune the accuracy of component placement to optimise outcomes for both hip and knee replacement surgeries

Revision Joint Replacement Surgery :
Revision or redo hip and knee reconstruction is becoming common in India. Revision is required for patients whose primary replacement implants have failed due to varied reasons (wear and tear, infection and primary failure). Surgical experience is a critical ingredient while addressing to a variety of issues encountered during revision surgeries. Complex revision joint replacement surgery is one of the most technically challenging interventions in orthopaedics. The team at Kainos has vast experience in complex revisions and reconstructions of the hip and knee involving the use of allografts, porous tantalum material and non cemented metaphyseal sleeves. Partial/Unicondylar Knee Replacement Total Knee Replacement is not the only solution for all types and stages of painful arthritis. In some patients only one compartment is predominantly affected. These situations are best suited for joint conserving procedures like corrective Osteotomies / Unicondylar replacement. Since all the ligaments are preserved and as the procedure is minimally invasive, the recovery is rapid and functions near normal.

Deltamotion Hip :
Traditional Total Hip Replacement is characterized by 3 important disadvantages:

  The relatively small-sized head makes it prone to dislocation
  The polyethylene articulation wears out rapidly in younger active
  Patients necessitating revision surgery
  Conventional stem design makes revision surgery very difficult

Bone Conservative Surgery (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing)
Unlike the western population hip arthritis occurs in young patient in India/Asia. Hence conserving bone becomes crucial. The BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing) and BMHR (Birmingham Mid Head Resection) prosthesis is specifically developed for younger and more active patients. Institute of Orthopaedics has experience of over many BHR/BMHR procedures which makes it one of the safest centre in the region.

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